Can bankruptcy help you save your home?

Friday 5th of October 2012 01:49:10 AM

If you are a homeowner in distress and you are being made offers to file bankruptcy, find out what bankruptcy really will (and won’t) do for you if you file.

Bankruptcy can offer you many powerful options in your fight to keep your home.  There is a virtual soup of misinformation out there on different ways to save your home.  Time and again clients have come to us having fallen viction to one form of scam or another.  It’s time to sort out the good from the bad and learn once and for all if bankruptcy is going to offer you a way out.

To do so, I prepared a 4 part short video tutorial for you.  The videos are short and as ‘to the point’ informative as I could make them.  I couldn’t cover everything, but I think I got the basics down for you.

You can view the videos by enrolling at

If you still have questions, feel free to call us.  Please keep in mind that we are a Los Angeles, California based practice.  If you are located outside of the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino or Ventura County areas, you are best to contact a local bankruptcy attorney as bankruptcy laws can be very location-specific and must be filed close to home.

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